Home improvement steps of various kinds of metal
Spring to has, to live new homes of began decoration has, sometimes is not assured decoration workers of careless, sometimes is to save costs, part hardware pieces will himself to installation, if usually not fiddling with these object, will bullish installation essentials, cannot casually random of installation, because small hardware pieces even then of are is carefully selected of furniture, various hardware pieces installation steps, not seeking most full, only hope can has help.
1 most wood products, woodworking hardware items installed paint issues to consider. Therefore, the hardware installed will need to consider better converge with the painters and construction problems. That need to be considered from two aspects: first, the hardware setup time cannot be arranged early, otherwise the paint when construction workers need to think too much about hardware protection and, secondly, when installing the hardware, be careful not to damage a painting worker has completed construction. Therefore, the normal construction is often this: for hardware that require drilling, is basically a painter before construction or completed before the main processes (like door lock unlock before mounting holes are basically at this stage, handle into holes the best arrangements at this stage). Painter upon completion of construction, carpentry installation work.
2, electric lamp socket and switch panels should be installed in the wall face brush paint or wallpaper after the work is completed, then installation of lamps and switch panel installation. There have been such examples: when a company, in order to save personnel expenditure, on the arrangement for electrical installation switch socket too early, with a wallpaper knife cut switch receptacle Panel open when you accidentally took Panel.
3, sanitary ware and bathroom hardware installation due to the home improvement industry as a whole management level is still very low, construction site workers was of poor quality. So, some sites have several installed bathtubs were first used by construction workers. In recent years, there are many complaint cases in this regard. So, it is recommended that consumers, unless absolutely necessary, project acceptance, and most construction workers have not yet evacuated before, it is best not for sanitary installations. Otherwise, most likely found in the bathtub of their new bathing the hair left behind.

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